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The Clean Ancestors of the Messenger of God -1

The Clean Ancestors of the Messenger of God God Almighty created the father of mankind, Adam (PBUH). When Adam raised his head, he saw that some name was written with an enormous Nur (heavenly light) at the Great Throne: “Ahmad.” He asked wondering: “O my Lord, what is that light?” God Almighty replied: “It is … Continue reading

His Information related to the Future Turn out True

The Prophet (pbuh) gave information about many issues related to the future. What he said exactly happened. We will report some authentic narrations with their resources. He said to his Companions, “This grandson of mine, Hasan, is a master of men by means of whom Allah will reconcile two great groups.”[1] Forty years later, when … Continue reading

The Biggest and Eternal Miracle is Quran

The Biggest and Eternal Miracle is Quran The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s biggest and eternal miracle is the Qur’an. The holy Qur’an proves the cause of the Prophet (PBUH) with its hundreds of verses. At the same time, the Qur’an itself is the biggest miracle of our Prophet (PBUH). It is such a miracle that thousands … Continue reading

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