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The Dream of Abdulmuttalib – 3

The Dream of Abdulmuttalib Years passed. The noor (holy light) belonging to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that shone on Abdulmuttalib’s forehead brought him to the station of Quraysh’s chieftainship. It was a hot summer’s day… He was sleeping by the Ka’ba on a shady spot in the location of Hijr. He saw a dream. In … Continue reading

The Famous Grandfathers of the Prophet -2

The Famous Grandfathers of the Prophet Undoubtedly, we do not have much knowledge on all the ancestors who carried the Master of the Universe’s light as a Divine trust on their foreheads. The ancestors about whom we have the most knowledge are the ones who are closest in time. Here we will take a short … Continue reading

The Clean Ancestors of the Messenger of God -1

The Clean Ancestors of the Messenger of God God Almighty created the father of mankind, Adam (PBUH). When Adam raised his head, he saw that some name was written with an enormous Nur (heavenly light) at the Great Throne: “Ahmad.” He asked wondering: “O my Lord, what is that light?” God Almighty replied: “It is … Continue reading

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